Dubuque Bike Coop Infographic

This is an infographic I designed for the Dubuque Bike Coop.  It details the history of the Coop, community supporters, and the Coop’s impact on the community through affordable bike check-outs.

Fun-A-Day Dubuque

Modeling this after Philadelphia’s Art Clash Collective and my lovely friends in North Carolina, I started this chapter of Fun-A-Day in Dubuque.  Look for it each February!

Dubuque Bike Coop Venetian Bike Parade poster

Venetian Bike Parade

This is a poster I designed to promote the Dubuque Bike Coop‘s Venetian-themed Bike Parade.  The parade started in front of the Dubuque Museum of Art, which at the time hosted a 25 foot tall sculpture of Grant Wood’s “American Gothic.”  The famous couple is featured on a tandem bicycle in Venetian and aquatic costumes, […]