Screenshot of the first slide in a presentation

Staff Outreach Retreat

In the spring of 2015, I organized an outreach retreat for staff at Memorial Library.  The theme of the retreat was “Bringing Users Into Focus: Utilizing Target Audiences to Transform Library Outreach.”  By beginning with the target audiences we hoped to serve, researching their needs, and discovering the best way to communicate our resources, services, […]

Poster for a book display on author Bryan Stevenson's book Just Mercy

Just Mercy Book Display

To support the Libraries’ Go Big Read program and expose students to related materials in Memorial Library’s collection, I curated a shelf of books on African Americans and the U.S. justice system.  This was the poster I designed to promote the book display.

Graduate students sitting around a table discussing

Interdisciplinary Graduate Reading Groups

After learning from survey data that many graduate students at UW-Madison wished there were opportunities for social and academic connections with students from other departments across campus, I initiated and lead a project to form interdisciplinary graduate reading groups. By partnering with the Graduate School, I was able to increase the reach of promotion for […]

The Value of the Loras College Library Handout

Value of the Library

As part of the Loras College Library’s strategic plan, the Library’s director gave a well-researched presentation on the value of the Library to the College’s administrative team.  I designed this one-page summary of our research to distribute during this presentation.

The Adventures of Lora Librarian cartoon

The Adventures of Lora Librarian

This is a cartoon I drew as part of the Loras College Library’s new student marketing committee.  The cartoon introduces students to the four floors of the library, and to the Library’s mascot: Lora Librarian.  It was part of a larger campaign to put a personal, friendly face to the Library, and to encourage students […]

Library Instruction Infographic

To educate and entice faculty to take advantage of library instruction services, I created this infographic, which we printed and distributed at Division meetings.

Lora Librarian

As part of our promotional activities at the Loras College Library, I designed this mascot to use for publicity and marketing.  We have used Lora Librarian to promote the Library to first year students, faculty, and staff, and have also used this image as the Library’s profile picture on Facebook.  

Library Homepage

Library Homepage Redesign

Before: After: In 2013, I led the Loras College librarians through a homepage redesign project.  I used a jQuery template to create the tabbed navigation boxes, gathered widget code from vendors, and used buttons designed by a colleague.  This website won the ACRL College Libraries Section Web Site of the Month in April of 2013.  […]

Dubuque Bike Coop Venetian Bike Parade poster

Venetian Bike Parade

This is a poster I designed to promote the Dubuque Bike Coop‘s Venetian-themed Bike Parade.  The parade started in front of the Dubuque Museum of Art, which at the time hosted a 25 foot tall sculpture of Grant Wood’s “American Gothic.”  The famous couple is featured on a tandem bicycle in Venetian and aquatic costumes, […]

Library Instruction Menu

To advertise the many services and options that library instruction has to offer, I created this à la carte menu.  We wanted to convey to faculty that full-class sessions were one of many options, including short sessions, co-taught sessions, online guides, online tutorials, and embedding librarians within course management software.