Installation at Forge art exhibition, Madison Brass Works Building, June 2017
This installation piece was intended to elicit a sense of loss, without physical loss; nostalgia without personal investment. It was an opportunity for engagement with the past by any person who entered into the installation, regardless of their prior relationship with Madison Brass Works.  It conveyed the sense of loss that many in the community may feel for this space, yet which is distant, clouded by collective memory. In an era of curated, digital memories, I am interested in the possibility of creating a fabricated, physical space which elicits genuine feelings of nostalgia and loss, without the existence of an original experience. Is it possible to experience intensely personal emotions through mediated constructions in the physical world, as in the digital world?  I want to explore what these degrees of mediation signify for us as individuals and as a community, and whether they ultimately serve to unify or alienate us.


Slow and droning, fast and yelling: For a librarian, I make a lot of noise.
I’ve performed with the Russian Folk Orchestra, the Madison Symphony Chorus, Thollem McDonas’ Everywhere Quintet, Token Minor, and this and that. I’ll take any excuse to make music.


A collaborative project with my friend Doug Tye (2017)


The Sid Boyum House
In August of 2018, my partner and I began working on a whole-house remodel project. The house formerly belonged to a locally-famous folk artist, but after sitting vacant for 27 years, needed a significant amount of TLC. Someday when I catch my breath I’ll write a blog about it.